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Wprov List : 세계속담, World Proverb

No. 세계 속담 국가/지역 번역 검색
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141 A beggar will always be a beggar even if they give him the whole world as a gift 페르시아
142 A beggar won't mind being insulted. 아프리카
143 A beggar's estate lies in all lands. 네덜란드
144 A beggar's hand is a bottomless basket. 네덜란드
145 A beggar's knees are supple. 아프리카
146 A beggar's purse is bottomless. 루마니아
147 A beggar's wallet is never full. 포르투갈
148 A begun turn is half ended. 스코틀랜드
149 A begun work is half ended. 스코틀랜드
150 A belching toad portends rain. 잠비아
151 A belly full of gluttony will never study willingly. 루마니아
152 A bellyful is a bellyful, whether it be meat or drink. 루마니아
153 A bellyful is a bellyful. 프랑스
154 A bellyful is one of meat, drink, or sorrow. 영국
155 A bellyfull of gluttony will never study willingly. 프랑스
156 A belt fastened while running will come undone while running. 에티오피아
157 A benevolent man should allow a few faults in himself to keeps his friends in co 미국
158 A bent head is not touched by the sword. 헝가리
159 A bequest, a found treasure, and parsimony make a man wealthy. 시칠리아
160 A bespattered hog tries to bespatter another. 스페인