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Accident Lawyer

2017.04.30 17:47

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Car accidents occur with unsettling frequency in Brea, California. If you are injured in a car crash in this city, it can be to your advantage to seek the advice of a Brea car accident lawyer who knows Brea's traffic and car accident profile.

For instance, it might be helpful to know that in 2006, 260 people were injured in Brea car collisions; that drunk drivers were responsible for 30 crash injuries; that 17 bicyclists, 17 pedestrians and 16 motorcyclists were injured in traffic accidents; and that in 2007 and 2008, one car accident caused one fatality each year.

Understanding Brea Car Accidents

Utilizing a knowledge of local accident statistics and traffic hazards, Brea car accident lawyers can more effectively evaluate a car accident. If, for instance, your child were injured in a car accident at the intersection of Poplar and Birch, it would be helpful to know that this intersection was considered dangerous for Laurel Elementary School children by several residents. It would also be advantageous to know that several safety measures were proposed to enhance the safety of this intersection. Among these were to station a crossing guard to guide children across the street and to install flashing yellow light at the intersection. If these suggestions were ignored, that fact could be used to assign a degree of fault to the city and thus support the argument for a larger settlement award made by your car accident lawyer.

Moreover, car accidents occurring on Whittier Blvd or Puente Street, two other high-risk areas for accidents could also be carefully analyzed for contributing factors. The fact that many local residents requested traffic calming measures on these streets would be used to influence a jury to grant a higher injury settlement for an accident victim seeking compensation for injuries suffered there.

Likewise, Brea car crash DUI lawyers SAlt Lake City representing car crash victims injured on Brea Canyon Road would know, for example, that many areas along this road are poorly lit and that reflectors on the road's guard rails become un-reflective over time due to the accumulation of graffiti or dirt. A stronger case could be made for greater injury compensation if it can be shown that the city chose to ignore these problems, thereby endangering the safety of motorists.
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